Has Anyone Ever Asked You To Volunteer?
You have the experience, wisdom and knowhow to make a difference in the lives of the youth of your community by being a volunteer grandparent. Organizations that serve our children – schools, recreation departments, health care facilities, and libraries are all in need of your services.

The Green Mountain Foster Grandparent Program will match your talents and interests to the needs of our children – right here in Rutland, Bennington and Addison Counties. You can help by giving anywhere from 15 to 40 hours a week. Together we can build a stronger generation of children and a better community, for ourselves and our neighbors. Through your gifts of time and talent, you can share something very special...yourself. Visit us in Rutland at 6 Court St. or call us at 773-4719. In Middlebury, visit us at 48 Court St. or call us at 388-7044.

The Benefits of Being a Volunteer Grandparent
Time and again, FGP volunteers report that they derive a strong sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from their work which translates into a more rewarding and connected lifestyle. In fact, studies show that volunteering improves one’s physical, mental and social well being and enhances the quality of life for the volunteer.

In addition, the stipend, insurance benefits, and travel reimbursement provided by FGP contributes to a sense of financial security for those on fixed or limited incomes. Frequent newsletters and recognition events provide opportunities for the community to express its gratitude and appreciation for their volunteer service and a chance to visit with other volunteer Grandparents.

Our staff at FGP will make sure you have appropriate orientation, training, administrative support, a safe environment to work in and interesting in-service opportunities.

In order to become a volunteer grandparent, you must meet the critera listed below:
• Be age 55 or over.
• Meet yearly income eligibility levels.
• Be willing to volunteer 15 hours each week.
• Be willing to work with children and youth in a variety of settings

You Will Receive:
• a modest tax-free stipend
• reimbursement for transportation
• meals while on duty
• supplemental insurance benefits

This program serves Rutland, Addison and Bennington Counties. It is the goal of the program to enable persons with limited incomes 55 and over to remain physically and mentally active and to enhance their self-esteem through continued participation in needed community service. In addition, this will enable children to achieve improvement academically, socially, behaviorally, and with self-help skills. The Foster Grandparent program is funded through the Corporation for National and Community Service and the United Way of Rutland County.

FGP - Responding to the needs of children and youth.
The Foster Grandparent Program, founded nationally in 1965, is a program that provides opportunities for volunteers to work with one of our most valuable resources – today’s youth. By serving in settings that range from classrooms to day care centers to recreation department programs to libraries, Volunteer Grandparents lend their time, skill, and life experiences to assist our children in reaching their potential – academically, behaviorally, developmentally. By interacting on a regular basis with our youth, Foster Grandparents provide the mentoring and role modeling that so many of today’s children lack in their lives. The heart of the program is the one-on-one daily attention that Foster Grandparents provide. This special care helps young people grow, gain confidence, learn, and become full and productive members of society. The benefits to individuals and communities are both immediate and lasting.

Together we can make a difference in the life of a child.  Sharing Today, Shaping Tomorrow!
As a Foster Grandparent, your placement is based on your schedule and interests. You can serve from 15 to 40 hours a week, depending on your personal preferences. There are no education or experience requirements and Foster Grandparents can choose to work with children from infant years through high school.

Foster Grandparents are not intended to be a replacement for regular staff, but rather provide an added dimension of one on one attention that contributes to achieving developmentally appropriate skills for children of all ages. In fact, you will work closely with the classroom teacher or agency personnel and the FGP staff to develop your own unique volunteer activities that will best suit both you and the children.

This is just a sample of the activities you might do as a volunteer grandparent:
• Help students with homework assignments. Check that they are complete and submitted on time.
• Support students in their reading, and writing activities. Work in small groups and/or one on one sharing your love of books. Help students with journaling activities.
• Work with infants, providing the nurturing experience that only a “grandparent” can provide.
• Share your passion for math or science with students by being a tutor or classroom helper in these subjects.
• Assist in general classroom activities that utilize your own special talents and interests.
• Share your love of arts and crafts and/or music with students through activities that address these areas of interest.

Who sponsors FGP?
Sponsors include city and state government agencies, local children’s services, associations for children, community action agencies and religious institutions.

The Green Mountain Foster Grandparent Program is sponsored by Rutland Community Programs, a division of Community Care Network.

Public agencies and private non-profit organizations should contact their state office of the Corporation for National and Community Service to sponsor a Foster Grandparent Program. Call 1-800-424-8867 for the appropriate number.


If you want to become a Foster Grandparent:
PH: 802-773-4719 • FX: 802-747-7689
Write:  Green  Mountain  Foster  Grandparent Program
6 Court Street • Rutland, Vermont 05701
Or email us: fgp@volunteersinvt.org


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